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Coworking: sharing spaces, ideas and fine design

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In cities large and small, coworking spaces are more popular than ever.

In these communal offices, people from vastly different professionshave a seat at the same

desk, working in a common area and sharing the cost of utilities and other expenses.


Coworking means having a small individual space in a stimulating environment,

where experts from different industries meet, inspire one another

and come up with fresh ideas.


These shared workspaces are interesting not only for their entrepreneurial aspects,

but also for their structural set-up: they are often a quintessential example of modern style and efficient design, adapting seamlessly to the needs of different professionals. 


skywhite officesmall


Our Sky White is a dolomite from Brazil that goes perfectly in dynamic, contemporary workspaces.


 Its bright white hue with beige and grey undertones adapts to cool, dark palettes,

like black and metals, and to unique Boho-style décor, with natural elements in warm hues of wood.


Versatility and durability make Sky White the perfect choice for special structures,

enhancing different styles with its natural simplicity.



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