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Deep Grey: the glamorous side of grey

verdebonsai bathroom


The grey we want to tell you about today is exquisitely detailed and distinguished by its elegance and character.

People often think grey is boring: monotonous, commonplace, and on just about every page of furniture and design magazines.

But perhaps that’s a premature conclusion, as so much depends on the texture and tonal depth of the material. 


Deep Grey by Favorita was created to overturn the rules and prove

that grey can be a fantastic choice when creating homes with plenty of personality.

Thanks to its bronze-hued veining, highlighted by the way the material reflects light,

Deep Grey is a quartzite that will bring an elegant, glamorous touch to any room.

Grey and bronze are a perfect, harmonious combination whose beauty will take your breath away!


verde bonsai

Impeccable in interiors, Deep Grey is surely on the list of must-haves for 2021,

as it’s easy to pair with neutral tones, such as white and black, but also with vibrant,

contrasting hues. It even creates particularly interesting, original results with the grain of natural wood.


Classic, eclectic or contemporary: no matter your style,

Deep Grey is the ideal material to decorate spaces that are custom tailored to your personality.

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