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Spas and hot springs: balancing the body and mind

esmeralda pool


When the stress of daily life gets to be a bit too much, we all need to unwind and unplug, even just for a day or two.

 All the better if it’s in a peaceful, soothing oasis.

Finding time to slow down and relax has become essential; it’s key to maintaining a healthy balance, mentally and physically.


And given the fast-paced rhythm of modern life, spas and resorts with hot springs have been booming lately, in part because they have become a viable, often local alternative to the holiday travel of the past. 

Architects and designers are well aware that the style and color palette of these structures have to ensure the sense of wellbeing and serenity that clients are seeking after months of hard work.



esmeralda shower


Noi di Favorita, sempre attenti alle nuove tendenze, vogliamo proporre per questi ambienti un rivestimento davvero speciale.


At Favorita, where we always keep an eye out for the latest trends, we have a truly special material that’s perfect for spas, hot springs and wellness resorts: Esmeralda.


This bright green quartzite from Brazil has a dazzling yet sophisticated pattern, making it the ideal backdrop for pools and tubs—and even for the pools and tubs themselves.


The elegant hue of Esmeralda illuminates everything around it, reflecting light as if it were the glassy surface of a pristine body of water in a stunning natural oasis.


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