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Stylish, vibrant Verde Dorato

verde dorato living


To completely change the look of a living room, dining room or even a kitchen, a few elegant accents with bold character are all it takes.


The range of natural stone offered by Favorita is an ideal departure point for any project aimed at radically overhauling the look of a room, making it exclusive and original.


One way to get started is by selecting a base color—we recommend something bold, like a bright, luminous green.


In domestic spaces in particular, green radiates positive energy, the key to creating a veritable oasis in which to unwind and recharge after the stress of everyday life.



verde dorato kitchen


Green represents hope, nature, balance and serenity, and surrounding yourself with elements in this powerful, regenerating hue is sure to benefit your physical and mental wellbeing.


Thanks to green shades that echo the dense vegetation of the Amazon rainforest, Verde Dorato will make every room naturally sophisticated.


It’s the ideal granite for interiors, the perfect material to add essential, minimalist contrast to living rooms and kitchens.


Verde Dorato comes in three different finishes: brushed, honed and polished.


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