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Zen living: East and West in perfect harmony

verdebonsai bathroom


Peace, serenity, simplicity:
the quest for a Zen lifestyle is everywhere, even in the way we decorate our domestic spaces,
as their elements both reveal and impact our desires and emotions.

Choosing the colors, furniture and accents that determine

the look of a home are an important act with deep meaning that will shape our daily state of mind.


Soft, relaxing hues and minimalist yet practical elegance define the Zen look,

perfect for those who seek the right balance between essentialism and esthetics.



verde bonsai


Verde Bonsai by Favorita is the very essence of Zen style.

This durable quartzite goes perfectly in every room of the house,

with delicate shades that evoke the look of jade and a texture that recalls the allure of the Far East,

embodying the continuous search for balance between the material and the spiritual.


Whether in the bathroom, living room or kitchen, Verde Bonsai is a flawless complement to essential lines and shapes.


As a lifestyle choice, it brings relaxation and tranquility to the home, so we can recharge our batteries in a soothing space with positive energy.

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