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Favorita Verona

Our determination to constantly progress and innovate has always been the driving force behind the whole activity at Favorita. In order to fully implement this ambition, as addition and complement to its historic Veneto headquarters in Lonigo, Favorita has opened a factory Cavaion Veronese.

The purpose of this new establishment was to have a twin logistic platform, bringing us closer to a wide network of suppliers, distributors and operators in the industry from South America; this has allowed for expanding selection, technological innovation and the highest aesthetic care in natural materials which have made Favorita a global point of reference. An important step for a brand which is and remains profoundly Italian in terms of design, taste, materials and innovation choices; at the same time it is evidence of our having the necessary vision and strength to be better structured and larger, so as to act increasingly effectively and efficiently on an international scale, with a view to meeting in the best possible way the requirements and tastes of clients worldwide.

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