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Love of Raw Materials.
Care for the Environment.

Beauty and quality of raw materials is our most valuable asset, which we wish to preserve and cherish, by safeguarding the environment which has provided such a variety of granites, quartzite, marble, onyx and semiprecious stones, which we have been transforming and processing for over 50 years.

We strive to reduce the environmental impact of natural stone processing, extraction and sawing processes. The goal which we have set ourselves is to constantly monitor any possible environmental issues associated with the processing of natural stones, as well as to take the necessary safeguarding measures aimed at reducing, disposing and properly recycling scrap and waste from processing activities.



Creation is not some possession that we can lord over for
our own pleasure;
nor, even less, is it the property of only some people, the few: creation is a gift,
it is the marvellous gift that God has given us,
so that we will take care of it and harness it for the benefit of all, always with great respect and gratitude


Pope Francis