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We are Historical.
We are Welcoming. 
You are Family 

For over 50 years now, the Conterno family, founder and current manager of the Favorita Group, has developed a symbiotic relationship with the processing of the most valuable stones; we started with marble, then – over the years – expanded to other varieties, from granites to quartzite, onyx and semiprecious stones.

A family identity set in stone

Thanks to this important background, Favorita – established and still active in Lonigo, Vicenza, and for several years now at the heart of the natural stone district in Cavaion Veronese - has become synonymous with passion for the quality of materials, continuous innovation under the sign of Made in Italy and the utmost care for customers.

The group, today as it did yesterday, stands out because of its ability to set an important benchmark within the framework of contemporary interior design.