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Every order is a wish.
We love to make them come true 

Our experience in selecting and caring for our raw materials, the constant search for processing and technological manufacturing innovations are an asset for our family and corporate identity.

Natural stones, used for production and stored in our warehouses, are bought from the best quarries in the world and processed according to the most modern techniques by our qualified staff, which we constantly train in order to meet the new challenges of the market and to improve our professional and quality standards.

Our extremely varied and multi-faceted range includes more than 250 items in terms of graphics and colour; Favorita thus turns its love for natural stones into designer products aimed at meeting and fulfilling the most varied and ambitious expectations and sensitivities, suitable for any kind of style and project requirement. Colours and graphics differ one from the other; they have highly distinctive and unique personalities, however they all share the same passion for selection, treatment and finishing work, down to the smallest details, which finally leads to their production.

A wide range of proposals which are contemporary and the same time have a timeless beauty, classical and modern all in one, for assertive and stylish interior design solutions which always leave their distinctive mark.

Granites and Quartzite

Having always been synonymous with authentic beauty and extraordinary resistance, our Granites and Quartzite have always found, and still find, many applications in the architectural and design sector. By selecting some of the most sought after and exclusive varieties from the best quarries in the world, Favorita is able to present several chromatic and style versions of Granites and Quartzite.

Our extremely wide range is impressive because of its wealth of graphics and colours drawn on the surfaces. The materials capture the gaze and offer endless solution for a unique furnishing style everywhere, carefully researched and spontaneously elegant.

Marble and Onyx

The aristocratic, timeless and unmatched beauty of Marble and Onyx, the natural stones which most closely remind us of concepts such as value and exclusiveness, finds new splendour in impressive proposals with an extraordinary richness and aesthetic complexity.

Many colour options, among the most renowned and sought after worldwide, display veining, nuances and other natural signs of exceptional beauty, paving the way for projects with a classical and, at the same time, deeply contemporary taste. An unmatched class and natural elegance for clients who are uncompromising in their choices and for whom style is an imperative feature.

Semiprecious stones

The combination of stones with the most intense, transparent and bright colours has resulted in our Semipreziosi line, natural masterpieces which – due to the complexity and uniqueness of graphics – actually become precious, rare and unrepeatable items, the quintessential raw materials for ornaments, jewels and anything which instinctively makes us think of beauty and stylishness.

Graphics and colour suggestions: Favorita turns these ideals into contemporary interior design: the ideal proposal for anyone wishing to make their home a treasure trove of style, exclusiveness and emotions which will last over time, always remaining alive and trendy.