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Mont Blanc, naturally elegant

montblanc bathroom

They say that elegance is innate, and we at Favorita couldn’t agree more.

Natural stone is a masterpiece, forged by nature over millions of years, eternal, and cherished for time immemorial by mankind, who has used it in art, architecture and furniture.

When we’re asked to update a home or boutique with style that will outlive fashions and trends, we think immediately of classic Mont Blanc.

Characterized by delicate grey veins that were drawn by nature over time, the white quartzite of Mont Blanc makes any room unique and magical.


montblanc tile

Mont Blanc is the right choice for essential rooms and goes well with different types of contemporary decor,
such as Scandinavian design. 

Its white hue illuminates the space it decorates, creating clean, elegant natural reflections.

It’s also perfect with more creative interiors, where colors, materials and decorative accessories playfully contrast with its surface, creating impeccably original and inspiring spaces.


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